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Re: Remote User creation in OpenShift Origin -

Hi just some hints from me :)

In case you decide to write command line script take a look of oo-register-user. This script do exactly what you looking for :)

Also you have to take a look of : https://github.com/openshift/origin-server/tree/master/plugins/auth/mongo

Also this file will answer you why this code in oo-register-user does not work outside of the broker node :)

Hope I helped :)

2014-01-27 <s madathilthattantav accenture com>

Hi all


Need your suggestions /thoughts on the following :


Use Case : I have set up private OpenShift origin Installation . I have some users who would want to use this.

Instead of myself logging into broker host and creating user id s for them ,I want to develop an web application

where these people  can login and directly request for OpenShift user creation. The application internally contact my Private PaaS

create users and then given them back the username/password.


I need suggestion on what I have been thinking in this regard –Please correct me if I am wrong.


Option 1:

I was looking out to see if OpenShift expose any REST API for User creation ? I could not find any – this would have been the easiest option

Was thinking if it is possible to create such a Restful web service.?


Option 2:

Would be to write a simple unix script that can be run on any remote m/c which will do an ssh handshake to the broker,login and create username/pwd

And send back the info- Is this a good approach ?


Any other better way to go ahead about this.


In case I am not clear ,a similar stuff in a different Paas can be found at : https://github.com/cloudfoundry-community/share-my-cloudfoundry



Thanks a lot for the pointers and support.








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