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Re: ENV variable on cartridge

Hi John,

I’ve done the start / stop test and

  • SSH correct value is loaded OK
  • Console get the old value NOT OK
  • rhc app-stop/start  get the old value NOT OK

Im running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.5 (Santiago) the OO version I didn’t find where to look to the exact version but the highest number seam to be 1.18.1

  • openshift-origin-console-
  • openshift-origin-controller-
  • openshift-origin-auth-mongo-

On 18 Jun 2014, at 22:00, John Lamb <jolamb redhat com> wrote:


This looks like it might be this bug, or something related: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1088005

What version of OpenShift are you running? Can you get your app to display the value of that env var, then see what it displays after each of: restarting the app via console, restarting via "rhc app-stop foo ; rhc app-start foo" and restarting by sshing into your app and running "openerp/bin/control stop ; openerp/bin/control start"? Please share the results here. Presumable sshing in will work as expected, since you've already said so, but it's nice to be thorough. :)

----- Original Message -----
Hi list,

I’ve a custom cartridge that contain the software version to run ODOO_VERSION
, this bash variable is declare under
├── bin
│ ├── control
│ └── setup
├── env
│ ├── ...

the problems arise the I trying to change the value using

rhc set-env ODOO_VERSION=6.0 -app foo

When i log to the cartridge the env command display the correct value and if
I run the control start everything is working as expected.

The problem arise when I execute the restart form the web console, the web
restart take into account the old value and now the new one,

can somebody have a explanation ?


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