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Re: how to disconnect from the web server

Hi Emmanuel,
Unfortunately, there is no logout functionality in Openshift at this time. There is already a feature request for this to be added, but it has not been done yet. There are some workarounds, though.

The first way to do this is to connect to Openshift using the "Private" or "Anonymous" browsing mode in your web browser, and then, when you are finished using Openshift, to reset the session. This will cause the browser to forget the login and the next time you visit the Openshift site, will require you to log in to the system again.

Another way that was mentioned before on the Dev list is to add a new or nonexistent username to your url, like so: https://newuser@broker.openshift.localdomain/console, or, if that doesn't work, also supply an invalid password, like so: https://newuser:boguspassword@broker.openshift.localdomain/console. This will cause Openshift to attempt a login with that new username (which won't work, of course), and will forcibly log the current user out of the existing session.

Hope that helps.


On Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 7:34 AM, emmanuel kacou <emmanuel kacou smile ci> wrote:
Hello ,I have install an openshift origin in my laptop , i'm connected to the web server with the username  demo and the password changeme.
I try  to disconnect this user from the web server , i don't see the section disconnet
how can i do it

KACOU Emmanuel
Administrateur Resaux/Systeme stagiaire
Tel Ci: +225 42 20 23 16
Email:emmanuel kacou smile ci

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