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Re: broker cardridge

On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 09:46:08AM +0200, patrick wrote:
Hi List,

I was developing a new minimal cartridge,  and I’ve make some mistake of course ;)

now I cannot remove anymore the cartridge ;(  I got a generic “An Error has occurred ..”
the log file does not help  [ERROR] Reference ID: a094de5927444b1ab870e7ff92428739 - Can only supply discovery data if direct_addressing is enabled

does somebody know how to manually clean up and remove a broker cartridge ?



I am guessing you are using your own installation of OpenShift Origin or
Enterprise because you have access to log files; is that correct?  What
product and what version of the product are you using?

That is an error I have not seen.  It would be interesting to look for
details under /var/log/openshift/broker/production.log or
/var/log/openshift/broker/httpd/error_log on the broker or
/var/log/openshift/node/platform.log or
/var/log/openshift/node/ruby193-mcollective.log on the node.

I'm not sure deleting the cartridge will fix the problem.  However, to
answer your question on removing a broken cartridge, you need to do the
following on your broker and node hosts.

On your OpenShift node or nodes, use `oo-admin-cartridge --action list`
to get a list of installed cartridges, and use `oo-admin-cartridge
--action erase` with the appropriate arguments to uninstall the
cartridge from the node.

On newer OpenShift releases, you need to delete the cartridge from the
broker as well.  On your OpenShift broker (or one of your brokers), use
`oo-admin-ctl-cartridge clean` to delete unused cartridges or
`oo-admin-ctl-cartridge delete --name cartridgename` to delete
a specific cartridge.

Finally, on all of your OpenShift brokers, use `oo-admin-broker-cache
--clear` to clear the cartridge cache.

I hope that helps!

Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters <mmasters redhat com>

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