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Re: need help

I'm having trouble understanding your problem. Please provide these details:

* What version of OpenShift you're running (OpenShift Origin? OpenShift Enterprise?) or if you are using the OpenShift hosted service at https://www.openshift.com/
* What error message(s) you're seeing
* What commands or actions are generating the error(s)
* Relevant lines from the log files in /var/log/openshift/*
* What you were trying to do when the error occurred
* Any other details that might be helpful


----- Original Message -----
> Hello everyone and once again thank you for all the wonderful responses that
> you send me to help me considerably in advance of my Quette understanding of
> OpenShift
> I create an account on the site OpenShift and ask me to enter the email, what
> I do
> However I deploy locally OpenShift and I add a node with the name mao
> I manage to connect to the web page with this one.
> I create districts to which I would add mao but I have this error:
> Node with server identity: mao could not be found
> which means that the mao node can not be found.
> I want to know are what due to the fact that I have not put as name mao ex ci
> something like that or why this error and how to solve it.
> --
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