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Re: Jython and JRuby on OpenShift

On 03/07/2014 12:27 AM, Steven Citron-Pousty wrote:
Hey folks:
Vert.x has the ability to use Jython and Jruby for it's verticles. Are
Jython and Jruby already installed on OpenShift Online?

Neither are currently installed in OpenShift Online. Jython appears to be available in the rhel-server-releases-optional channel and while I don't see jruby in my yum search, I'm assuming I just need to track down what channel provides it because unless I'm mistaken it's shipped with TorqueBox.

However, if we don't ship jruby then we could probably look at options to fix that.

If this is something you'd like to have pursued, let me know and I'll get Trello cards put in to make sure we dot I's and cross T's with management, dev, QE, etc. about getting them in PROD.


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