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Re: Oo-install all-in-one centos 6.5


Yes i use this repo.

I tried your solution :

[root broker ~]# puppet apply -verbose oo_install_configure_broker.openshift.lab.lan.pp
Could not parse for environment production: Syntax error at end of file at line 1 on node broker.openshift.lab.lan

[root broker ~]# cat oo_install_configure_broker.openshift.lab.lan.pp
class { 'openshift_origin' :
  broker_hostname => 'broker.openshift.lab.lan',
  node_hostname => 'broker.openshift.lab.lan',
  install_method => 'yum',
  node_ip_addr => '',
  bind_key => 'b0okSptwh5ZId+VL8bANtJphZkcljSChyL+EZeTLpXbl/r0CFEHtaCjqBwSBVgDWfECrxjfuZ7yO+jeNw3KRNQ==',
  named_ip_addr => '',
  named_hostname => 'broker.openshift.lab.lan',
  repos_base => 'https://mirror.openshift.com/pub/origin-server/release/3/fedora-19',
  jenkins_repo_base => 'http://pkg.jenkins-ci.org/redhat',
  broker_ip_addr => '',
  activemq_hostname => 'broker.openshift.lab.lan',
  conf_node_external_eth_dev => 'eth0',
  datastore_hostname => 'broker.openshift.lab.lan',
  domain => 'apps.lab.lan',
  roles => ['activemq','datastore','broker','named','node'],

[root broker ~]# hostname

2014-03-22 14:28 GMT+01:00 N. Harrison Ripps <hripps redhat com>:
Hey Kevin--

On Mar 22, 2014, at 8:44, Kevin Tibi <kevintibi hotmail com> wrote:

Hi all,

I am a new user OpenShift. I need help because I can not install with oo-install. I'm on centos6.5. I followed the official tutorial. after the script is completed without errors, I feel that nothing works. I do not have broker.conf file in /etc/OpenShift.

http://localhost/console give nothing.

A few things here:

* did you use the RHEL repo for OpenShift RPMs?

What is the output if you run oo-accept-node and oo-accept-broker ?

Another user on CentOS noted that puppet didn't seem to work. You can test that by:

1. Using oo-install's "generate a puppet config file" option to just make the config file
2. Manually running puppet with that config file:

puppet apply --verbose /path/to/config/file.pp

I'm lost. Thx for your help.

Kevin Tibi

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users mailing list
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