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Re: oo-diagnostics not reporting required dns service status

+++ John Skarbek [22/03/14 02:45 +0000]:
So I've started up my own instance of openshift origin. I've run into a situation where when creating an application, I'll receive an error message on the web console:

"Unable to complete the requested operation due to: Connection refused - connect(2) ( ). Reference ID:..."

Running oo-diagnostics did not point me in the direction I needed to solve this problem. Looking at the broker production.log, I saw the same error message.

I used the puppet-openshift_origin module to deploy a single instance hosting EVERYTHING. In this case, chosen broker_dns_plugin variable was set to 'avahi', and two services required were not running:


After starting these two services, all was well.

I'm not sure what the recommended dns solution would be, in my particular case I followed the recommendation for my environment which specified the use of avahi. But without those services running, I ended up noticing three things overall:

1. The puppet module doesn't appear to explicitly tell these services to start, [openshift_origin::plugins::dns::avahi](https://github.com/openshift/puppet-openshift_origin/blob/master/manifests/plugins/dns/avahi.pp)
2. Despite the error, the application was still created. This left the app kinda hanging as DNS was never put into place properly.
3. I couldn't delete the application.

I FEEL that if this situation is to occur, the app shouldn't get created. And secondly, oo-diagnostics should get some additions to detect whether or not a DNS update would fail and report to such to the administrator. And thirdly, perhaps the manifest instructing these services to start.

Mind opening a bug against the Broker in OpenShift Origin?

The oo-diagnostics tool is a little odd in that it was originally
created with OpenShift Enterprise in mind so there are unfortunately
cases where useful checks still need to be created for Origin (we
don't ship the avahi DNS plugin in OpenShift Enterprise).

As for the puppet code not starting the required services I don't
think we track those defects in bugzilla.  You could open an issue in
github or submit a pull request.


John Skarbek, System Administrator

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