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Re: intermittent Service Temporarily unavailable / httpd proxy failures

+++ Randall_Theobald Dell com [26/03/14 09:08 -0500]:
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I'm trying to work with OpenShift Enterprise 2.0. I have a simple Tomcat7 JSP-based app that talks to an embedded mysql DB. If I drive a bit of load to it, even if it is just from a single user with no think time, I portion of my requests will be answered with

              503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

There are a number of things that can trip up a simple load test.  Our
support organization can help debug these in your environment.  You
can open a case with them.  In the meantime you can take a look at

If the problem you are hitting is specific to your type of load
ultimately you may have to write an haproxy_ctld action hook.
Autoscaling is hard to make generic and the default haproxy_ctld is
probably not handling your load test very well.


The default autoscaler was greatly improved during the 2.0 lifecycle
so one thing to check is that all your packages are up to date.

The only problem I can find in the logs are in /var/log/httpd/error_log:

              [Tue Mar 25 15:51:13 2014] [error] (99)Cannot assign requested address: proxy: HTTP: attempt to connect to (*) failed

I confirmed that these errors only happen when 503's are returned.
Some more details on stackoverflow:


I'm guessing that there is a knob somewhere I need to turn, but I can't find it. Help is highly appreciated.

Randall Theobald
Common Engineering - Performance
Dell Software Group  |  Office of the CTO
randall_theobald at dell.com<mailto:randall_theobald dell com>  |  RR1-C336

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