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Help with OS3 and kube proxies

Hi guys, I'd like some help to understand better my problem and what I am possibly doing wrong:

I have deployed a setup of a master os3 node and 2 minions.

My configuration has been validated when I was able, registering a single minion, to deploy my 2 containers app successfully.

Now I have started playing with a cluster of 2 minions at the same time and I am facing some problem.

In particular, it happens that each of my containers gets deployed to a different minion. My understanding is that kube will provide a proxy on each minion, exposing my services port, allowing me to use localhost:PORT to access the service and to not bother if the implementation is local or is running on a remote minion.

I can clearly see that this is happening, since both my minions shows both the service ports.

What happens though, is that if I try to use the service behind that port, simple HTTP, I have a failure if I am on a node that has only the proxy on not the correspondent docker container deployed locally.

The kind of error that I see is a connection reset:

works fine on M2
# curl -L localhost:5001
"docker-registry server (dev) (v0.8.1)"

but fails on M1
# curl -L localhost:5001
curl: (56) Recv failure: Connection reset by peer

Do you have an idea what could cause this or eventually clarify if I got totally wrong and I am missing something?

I can add that master is addressing the minions via their dns name, and that all the nodes in the cluster have a static mapping from dns name to ip.

iptables seems permissive enough to allow communications

Any idea?

thank you

Paolo Antinori
Software Engineer Middleware - Red Hat
+44 7557 160 164
pantinor redhat com

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