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Re: Help with OS3 and kube proxies

Hi Eric, I have tried to apply the steps I can take from you ansible sample but I am still missing something.

In particular I think I haven't setup the bridge + routing part correctly.

Any chance I can ask you a couple of questions on IRC ?

thank you


Paolo Antinori
Software Engineer Middleware - Red Hat
+44 7557 160 164
pantinor redhat com

On 24/10/14 19:09, Eric Paris wrote:
On Fri, 2014-10-24 at 19:02 +0200, Paolo Antinori wrote:
Hi, thanks for your reply. I am using 3 vm on OS1. I suspect I shouldn't
have any blockers and network level, being the 3 boxes on the same
private lan.

I have tried reading the Vagrant file, I can see the configuration of
networking in case of OPENSHIFT_DEV_CLUSTER set, but I don't recognize
any special configuration.

Can you elaborate more on what are the operation involved?

Networking for kubernetes requires special configuration.  If you didn't
do any, you won't work.

There are 2 ways to get things working.  You should see the vagrant
setup creating OVS bridges and either GRE or VxLan connections between
the bridges.  You'd need to do that yourself.

The other method (which only works since the machines (VMs) are on the
same local lan) would be to set up linux bridges and static routes
between hosts.  See github.com/eparis/kubernetes-ansible looking at the
hack-network.yml and roles/hack* for an example of getting that working.


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