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oo-install and ssh

Hi everyone,

I'm facing a strange behavior during my oo-install on a centos 6.5 VM.

I've got two centos, one which is for the broker role (include DBServer and MSGServer) and the other one which is a gear node.

During the installation, everything is fine if I'm installing all roles on only one node, but as soon as I try to separate the roles, the oo-install doesn't work and stop before the end of the process.

The oo-install is complaining about the SSH public key access.

My two nodes are set to only allow SSH access through public keys.
I'm currently on my lab setup so I'm executing everything with the root user.

ssh is set to allow root access only using public keys.

During the oo-install setup, everything is OK and the wizard process everything until the SSH connection to the node target where is saying:

D, [2014-09-04T13:28:04.308146 #1823] DEBUG -- net.ssh.authentication.session[3fdd64f3b5ac]: trying publickey
D, [2014-09-04T13:28:04.308381 #1823] DEBUG -- net.ssh.authentication.agent[3fdd64f39f18]: connecting to ssh-agent
E, [2014-09-04T13:28:04.308540 #1823] ERROR -- net.ssh.authentication.agent[3fdd64f39f18]: could not connect to ssh-agent
E, [2014-09-04T13:28:04.308727 #1823] ERROR -- net.ssh.authentication.session[3fdd64f3b5ac]: all authorization methods failed (tried publickey)
* SSH connection could not be established:

If I do a:

ssh -i /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key root node01 contoso lan everything is ok, I'm connecting to the remote host as root without any warning messages.

I'm using the following instruction part to try my Openshift Origin install:

Openshift Origin User's Guide

And I noticed that the installer (as mentioned on the documentation) is trying a public key unsuccessfully before trying to use ssh-agent, the problem is that even on debug mode, I can figuring out what is the public key file that the installer is trying to use.

I suspect the installer to look for ~.ssh/id_rsa key instead of the auto-generated on /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key.

Is anyone able to help me or at least lead me on this assumption?

Thanks and regards!

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