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Re: Openshift Origin Install OK, BUT...

Hi Jason and KUDO!

Shame on me, I didn't even try to check the quickstart.json file :(
Ok, so I confirm that there is an issue with the puppet generated pp file regarding the Quickstart and the MariaDB / MySQL :D

Thanks a lot, I know have a fresh and power new PAAS working :D

2014-09-08 15:41 GMT+02:00 Jason DeTiberus <jdetiber redhat com>:
On 08/09/14 09:11 +0200, Billy Bones wrote:
  I everyone, following my last thread, I've finish the multi-node
  installation process of OpenShift Origin and It works like a charm,
  except for one thing.
  I can't use any quickstart which require MySQL (or any other database
  It's like if the broker can't see the DB Cartridges except that it can
  use them if I pop out a php/ruby or any basic language based gears.
  I've run all oo-diagnostics and oo-accept-* without a single error.
  My broker cache have been cleared and services restarted just to be
  I've try to delete and then re-sync the cartridges on nodes and broker
  but I ended with the exact same situation.
  So, if you have any clue, once again, it will be much more appreciate
  Many thanks.

It looks to be an issue with the puppet generated
/etc/openshift/quickstarts.json. By default it is currently configuring
the file to reference mariadb instead of mysql.

Jason DeTiberus

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