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Re: Openshift Origin Install OK, BUT...

Hi Aerotodor,

I wanted to use the MySQL-5.5 cartridge so I basically just made a SED on my Json file and clear all cache on the broker, everything is working fine for me now.

I'll switch on MariaDB IF and only IF Oracle or RedHat do not support/sell it anymore, but I doubt that happen in a near future :D

I'll made a personal cartridge for MariaDB on my own to exercise myself anyway so, it don't really matter if the provided one is broken for now for me.

BUT, you probably should try to ask for a push on GitHub regarding your issue as it could be an improvement for the community.

2014-09-08 15:57 GMT+02:00 aerotodor <aerotodor gmail com>:
Hi Billy

I'm experiencing same issue (OpenShift Origin v4 on Centos 6.5, setup via portable installer)

quickstarts.json that gets installed requires mariadb cartridge for most quickstarts, but mariadb cartridge is not installed by default.

quickstarts.json is somehow not in sync with https://github.com/openshift/origin-server/blob/openshift-origin-release-4/broker/conf/quickstarts.json
Github version requires mysql-5, mariadb cartridge is not mentioned.

 Then I tried to install mariadb cartridge. It failed, caused by following issue https://github.com/openshift/origin-server/issues/5759

There were couple of other issues with mariadb cartridge (bin/install and bin/post_install files) that needed to get fixed before the cartridge was usable.
I was than able to run all quickstarts except Drupal (gets stuck on PHP cartridge provisioning)

On 08-09-2014 09:11, Billy Bones wrote:
I everyone, following my last thread, I've finish the multi-node installation process of OpenShift Origin and It works like a charm, except for one thing.

I can't use any quickstart which require MySQL (or any other database gear).
It's like if the broker can't see the DB Cartridges except that it can use them if I pop out a php/ruby or any basic language based gears.

I've run all oo-diagnostics and oo-accept-* without a single error.
My broker cache have been cleared and services restarted just to be sure.

I've try to delete and then re-sync the cartridges on nodes and broker but I ended with the exact same situation.

So, if you have any clue, once again, it will be much more appreciate :D

Many thanks.

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