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redirection loop....

Hi everybody,

Some time ago I've created ansible playbook to deploy OpenShift_origin (
https://github.com/droopy4096/openshift_origin_rhel ) and it was working
quite well. However I haven't used it in a while and while doing deploy
yesterday I got stuck with the "redirect loop" and I can't quite figure
it out whether something has changed in OSO v3 since 6 month ago or did
I forget to cover a step or two.

Trouble is - there is *nothing* in log files when I access the site.

$ tail -f /var/log/httpd/*log /var/log/openshift/*/*log

while attempting to access the broker produces redirection loop to
http://myhost.com/getting_started.html . I am quite certain I've dealt
with something similar before but my mail archives got nuked so I can't
back-reference and Google searches didn't produce anything of value so
far. Any pointers of where to look and what knobs to turn?

Dmitry Makovey
Web Systems Administrator
Athabasca University
(780) 675-6245
Confidence is what you have before you understand the problem
    Woody Allen

When in trouble when in doubt run in circles scream and shout

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