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Re: redirection loop....

On 09/17/2014 09:23 AM, Dmitry Makovey wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> Some time ago I've created ansible playbook to deploy OpenShift_origin (
> https://github.com/droopy4096/openshift_origin_rhel )

sorry, URL should've been:


> and it was working
> quite well. However I haven't used it in a while and while doing deploy
> yesterday I got stuck with the "redirect loop" and I can't quite figure
> it out whether something has changed in OSO v3 since 6 month ago or did
> I forget to cover a step or two.
> Trouble is - there is *nothing* in log files when I access the site.
> Running:
> $ tail -f /var/log/httpd/*log /var/log/openshift/*/*log
> while attempting to access the broker produces redirection loop to
> http://myhost.com/getting_started.html . I am quite certain I've dealt
> with something similar before but my mail archives got nuked so I can't
> back-reference and Google searches didn't produce anything of value so
> far. Any pointers of where to look and what knobs to turn?
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