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Re: almost there: "Got Node Unavailable Exception"...

> On Sep 18, 2014, at 13:55, Dmitry Makovey <dmitry athabascau ca> wrote:
> Hi Harrison,
> thanks for reply. See my responses below in-line:
> On 09/18/2014 11:41 AM, N. Harrison Ripps wrote:
>> Hey Dmitry-- First off, hats off to you for doing this legwork.
>> However, you may be working with a version of OpenShift Origin that
>> is no longer supported! 
> Speaking of which - does OSO not follow Fedora-like lifecycle with
> (community) support for n and n-1 versions ?

OpenShift Origin does not; this is largely due to available resources.

>> Looking over your previous e-mails, I think
>> you are doing all of this with Origin M3.
> that is correct.
>> However, we are up to
>> Origin M4 now; it was released in July:
>> https://www.openshift.com/blogs/announcing-the-release-of-openshift-origin-v4
>> Is there a specific reason that you are using M3? 
> the only reasons at the moment are:
> 1. I'd like to re-trace my steps of setting up M3 6month ago with *same*
> ansible playbook. (obviously I did some manual interventions as I can't
> get things to the same place with the same playbooks alone)
> 2. I'd like to see how the upgrade M3->M4 would go (is there such thing
> as upgrade?)

That came up in a different thread recently; here's a link:


> 3. most times I prefer to track version n-1 as those tend to be well
> tested/known with issues and solutions.
>> If not, you should
>> head over to https://install.openshift.com/ and start working against
>> the M4 repo:
>> http://mirror.openshift.com/pub/openshift/release/4/
> Can you tell me how much different M4 setup is from M3? Is it reasonable
> to expect playbooks written for M3 to work well with M4 ?

I'm not an Ansible expert, so it is hard for me to say with any certainty. At a minimum, you will need to perform some new post-install steps that are described here:


In general, I'd say you should compare the operation of your playbook with the linked guide. That will be the best indication of how much has changed.

Good luck!

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