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Re: Build always failed on openshift 3 connection refused to github

if you simply docker run a container on your host, are you able to reach github?


"docker run -it nodejs-010-centos7 /bin/sh"
and then attempt a git clone from within that container.

On Fri, Aug 7, 2015 at 5:10 PM, Marojahan M.T. Sigiro <marojahan gmail com> wrote:
Hi All,

I hope someone can give me some guidelines here, since i'm still new.. 

My builds on my openshift 3 (install on bare metal with ansible) always failed because it cannot clone the git repository.

My server connected directly to internet without any proxy and my docker is in good configuration (i can pull images).

The builds always fails because it the connection to github.com:443 is refused.
I have try another approach by using source hosted on local git repository (intranet, with gitlab)  in case that the problem is my servers internet connection, but it also failed with the same error.

This is my builds error:

[root master ~]# oc build-logs nodejs-example 1

error: A build name is required

see 'oc build-logs -h' for help.

[root master ~]# oc build-logs nodejs-example-1

I0807 16:17:27.709759       1 builder.go:42] $BUILD env var is {"kind":"Build","apiVersion":"v1","metadata":{"name":"nodejs-example-1","namespace":"testing","selfLink":"/oapi/v1/namespaces/testing/builds/nodejs-example-1","uid":"ebfb0c05-3d1f-11e5-b379-6cae8b5c8f60","resourceVersion":"5154","creationTimestamp":"2015-08-07T16:18:21Z","labels":{"buildconfig":"nodejs-example","template":"nodejs-example"}},"spec":{"serviceAccount":"builder","source":{"type":"Git","git":{"uri":"https://github.com/openshift/nodejs-ex.git"}},"strategy":{"type":"Source","sourceStrategy":{"from":{"kind":"DockerImage","name":"openshift/nodejs-010-centos7:latest"}}},"output":{"to":{"kind":"DockerImage","name":""},"pushSecret":{"name":"builder-dockercfg-rkebs"}},"resources":{}},"status":{"phase":"Pending","config":{"kind":"BuildConfig","namespace":"testing","name":"nodejs-example"}}} 

I0807 16:17:27.721298       1 cfg.go:50] Problem accessing /root/.dockercfg: stat /root/.dockercfg: no such file or directory

I0807 16:17:27.722253       1 docker.go:216] Pulling image openshift/nodejs-010-centos7:latest

I0807 16:18:45.790019       1 sti.go:93] Creating a new S2I builder with build config: "Builder Name:\t\tNode.js 0.10\nBuilder Image:\t\topenshift/nodejs-010-centos7:latest\nBuilder Image Version:\t892b1e2\nBuilder Base Version:\td9851e5\nSource:\t\t\thttps://github.com/openshift/nodejs-ex.git\nOutput Image Tag:\t172.30.33.234:5000/testing/nodejs-example:latest\nEnvironment:\t\tOPENSHIFT_BUILD_NAMESPACE=testing,OPENSHIFT_BUILD_SOURCE=https://github.com/openshift/nodejs-ex.git,OPENSHIFT_BUILD_NAME=nodejs-example-1\nIncremental Build:\tdisabled\nRemove Old Build:\tdisabled\nForce Pull:\t\tdisabled\nQuiet:\t\t\tdisabled\nLayered Build:\t\tdisabled\nDocker Endpoint:\tunix:///var/run/docker.sock\n"

I0807 16:18:45.791180       1 docker.go:199] Image openshift/nodejs-010-centos7:latest available locally

I0807 16:18:45.792243       1 sti.go:99] Starting S2I build from testing/nodejs-example-1 BuildConfig ...

I0807 16:18:45.792265       1 sti.go:113] Building

I0807 16:18:45.840205       1 clone.go:27] Cloning into /tmp/sti398212991/upload/src

E0807 16:19:12.409844       1 git.go:127] fatal: unable to access 'https://github.com/openshift/nodejs-ex.git/': Failed connect to github.com:443; Connection refused

I0807 16:19:12.410730       1 clone.go:29] Git clone failed: exit status 128

I0807 16:19:12.410758       1 cleanup.go:23] Removing temporary directory /tmp/sti398212991

I0807 16:19:12.410762       1 fs.go:99] Removing directory '/tmp/sti398212991'

F0807 16:19:12.411454       1 builder.go:65] Build error: exit status 128


Marojahan M.T. Sigiro

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