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Installation of origin v3 CLI (osc) on Mac OS

Hi List,

Today I made a script(formula) to install v3 CLI(osc) on Mac OS with homebrew.


Installation/uninstalltion is just only run:

   $ brew install nak3/openshift/openshift
   $ brew uninstall openshift

I beieve I made the simplest script, so please fell free to fork/modify by yourself.
As this script is just running clone and build from original repository,
you can update it very easily with changing the value in the first line (HOMEBREW_OPENSHIFT_VERSION)
to version of the git tags which you want to use.
If you fork to your repository, you can install by

   $ brew install ${GIT_ACCOUNT}/openshift/openshift  (in my case "nak3").

Thank you for reading. Enjoy OpenShit v3.

PS: Basically I am a Fedora user, so please let me know if my script is wrong.

Kenjiro NAKAYAMA <nakayamakenjiro gmail com>
GPG Key fingerprint = ED8F 049D E67A 727D 9A44  8E25 F44B E208 C946 5EB9

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