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Re: Application SSH Keys

Hi Stephen,

The application ssh key is created by the platform for scalable applications and is used by the haproxy gear to push/sync to the other web gears. Initially, the name of the key was "application-haproxy" since it was the haproxy cartridge that was responsible for this. In later versions, the platform took over this responsibility and the key is now named application-<gear_id>, where the gear_id is the ID for the haproxy gear. The primary key resides on the haproxy gear and the public key is sent to the other gears to allow communication. The user will not have this key on their system.

As far as the actual issue is concerned, one thing you could do is confirm that the user's ssh key is indeed present on the haproxy gear.


From: "Stephen Braswell" <stephen unc edu>
To: users lists openshift redhat com
Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2015 8:46:43 AM
Subject: Application SSH Keys

Hello everyone,

I’m troubleshooting an issue for a customer in my OpenShift Enterprise 2.2 install.  The customer can ssh into his gear without any problems but when he does a ‘git push’ he is prompted for an ssh key passphrase but his regular passphrase doesn’t work.  Looking at the raw output of his app with ‘oo-app-info’, I see he has an ‘ApplicationSshKey’ tied to his application, which doesn’t match his user ssh key.  I’ve never seen that before and was wondering what the application ssh key is used for and how it gets set.



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