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Re: Origin 4 problem to add nodes to district

On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 06:14:34PM +0000, Massimiliano Dessì wrote:
2015-01-14 17:42 GMT+00:00 Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters <
mmasters redhat com>:
Do you have direct_addressing = 1 in server.cfg and direct_addressing
= 0 in client.cfg? If not, try with those settings (you'll need to
restart ruby193-mcollective on the nodes to test this, and you'll need
to restart openshift-broker on the broker host if testing shows that
setting to be the issue).

Bingo !
I have the direct_addressing = 0 on the server.cfg
and nothing in the client.cfg,
but with direct_addressing=0 in the server and
with direct_addressing=1 in the client.cfg I'm able to add the node with

oo-admin-ctl-district -c add-node -n small_district -i <node>

why in the comprehensive guide is not present a check about this flags if
the default values are wrong ?

You're right—a quick search in
shows that the setting is mentioned for server.cfg but not for
client.cfg.  The required settings changed with an update to MCollective
a while back, and apparently the Origin documentation wasn't completely
updated.  I'll file a Bugzilla report and pull request to get that
fixed.  Sorry about the inconvenience!

Could you tailf /var/log/openshift/node/ruby193-mcollective.log on the
nodes as you run the oo-mco inventory or oo-mco facts commands? That
will let us determine whether the node is ignoring the request, on for
what reason.  I'm attaching some example log output in case that might
help you understand what I am asking you to look for.

Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters <mmasters redhat com>

Thanks Dashiel !

You're welcome!

Kind regards,

Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters <mmasters redhat com>

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