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Re: Origin 4 problem to add nodes to district

How can I see the version ?

I have a lot of packages with Mcollective

this problems are on a Origin installation not  Enterprise.

2015-01-14 19:19 GMT+00:00 Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters <mmasters redhat com>:
On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 02:02:40PM -0500, Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters wrote:
On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 06:14:34PM +0000, Massimiliano Dessì wrote:
2015-01-14 17:42 GMT+00:00 Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters <
mmasters redhat com>:
Do you have direct_addressing = 1 in server.cfg and direct_addressing
= 0 in client.cfg? If not, try with those settings (you'll need to
restart ruby193-mcollective on the nodes to test this, and you'll need
to restart openshift-broker on the broker host if testing shows that
setting to be the issue).

Bingo !
I have the direct_addressing = 0 on the server.cfg
and nothing in the client.cfg,
but with direct_addressing=0 in the server and
with direct_addressing=1 in the client.cfg I'm able to add the node with

oo-admin-ctl-district -c add-node -n small_district -i <node>

why in the comprehensive guide is not present a check about this flags if
the default values are wrong ?

You're right—a quick search in
shows that the setting is mentioned for server.cfg but not for
client.cfg.  The required settings changed with an update to MCollective
a while back, and apparently the Origin documentation wasn't completely
updated.  I'll file a Bugzilla report and pull request to get that
fixed.  Sorry about the inconvenience!

Actually, what version of MCollective do you have?
I see that we set direct_addressing = 0 in client.cfg
in the current Enterprise installation script
because we changed direct_addressing = 1 to
direct_addressing = 0 for MCollective 2.4
are you still using MCollective 2.2 perhaps?

Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters <mmasters redhat com>

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