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Re: Ansible error

Thanks for the link to the issue. Re-provisioning the vm did the trick. I think I didn't configure DNS correctly when I was running the ansible script for the first time. Now it sets up the master and two minions and then fails. But I think this is because I didn't set up ssh key based access and used ansible with --ask-pass instead.
Regards, Sebastian

2015-07-02 3:23 GMT+02:00 Jason DeTiberus <jdetiber redhat com>:
Any further information you could provide as far as how you are invoking the ansible scripts (the full command line to bin/cluster or the inventory file you are using for running ansible) would go a long way to reproducing the error.  Also, the output of adding -vvvv to either bin/cluster or ansible-playbook should also provide some additional detail to what may be going on.

Please add any additional information to the github issue, so that we can track it in a single place.

Jason DeTiberus

On Wed, Jul 1, 2015 at 8:08 PM, Sebastian Lorenz <sebastian p lorenz gmail com> wrote:
When installing OpenShift V3 Origin using ansible I'm getting the following error on the master:

Jul 02 01:53:09 localhost openshift-master[9141]: F0702 01:53:09.390639    9141 start_master.go:99] could not reach etcd: 501: All the given peers are not reachable (failed to propose on members [https://:4001] twice [last error: Get https://:4001/v2/keys/?quorum=false&recursive=false&sorted=false: tls: either ServerName or InsecureSkipVerify must be specified in the tls.Config]) [0]

The server name is missing obviously. But why? I can do a 'ping master' or 'nslookup master' without any problems.

Regards, Sebastian

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