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Cannot access cluster network (subnet) on open shift 3


I'm still new on openshift so, sorry if my question is pretty basic.

First it is hard for me to find the full documentation regarding to the openshit 3 public and internal network infrastructure. The connection between public network and cluster (internal network) and dockers private networks.

I've tried to deploy os3 on my bare metal server using CentOS 7.1 minimal.

I use ansible and stuck on this step:


I cannot access the cluster network, in docs:, in my case:

hence, I cannot access (docker login) the docker registry (to test pulling docker image)

root master master]# oc get se docker-registry

NAME              LABELS                    SELECTOR                  IP(S)            PORT(S)

docker-registry   docker-registry=default   docker-registry=default   5000/TCP

I cannot access IP

I don't know if this is the root of the problem, but when i try to deploy simple application, it keeps failed. 

The error is that the imageStream with tag "latest" cannot be fetched.

Openshift 3 is still new, so it is difficult to find resources for troubleshooting.
So, please if anyone could help. 

Marojahan M.T. Sigiro

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