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Re: Origin Install not working due to repo issue

On Mon, Jul 13, 2015 at 11:04 AM, Sco <spamboxy1 gmail com> wrote:
When I try to install Origin lately, a process that previously worked for me, as documented (https://github.com/openshift/openshift-ansible/blob/master/README_origin.md#known-issues) it fails due to my server being unable to find the ose-devel repo::

Could not resolve host: buildvm-devops.usersys.redhat.com; No address associated with hostname

the repo is added in the ansible install script here: 

You will want to modify the hosts file for the environment you are installing.  In this case, you want to modify the deployment_type variable to be origin instead of enterprise (this will automatically configure the origin copr repo).

You'll also want to coment out the oreg_url variable as well as the openshift_additional_repos variable to prevent attempting to configure repos that are not accessible outside of internal testing environments.

The byo inventory file is meant as more of an example than a file to be run as is.

Jason DeTiberus

When I disable the repo and try to install it complains that it cannot find the openshift-master rpm. 

No Package matching 'openshift-master' found available, installed or updated

I cannot find such a rpm with rpm find online so I am at a loss for where to go from here. Any suggestions?

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