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starting first container based on centos7 with httpd installed fails

i have created a container base on  centos 7 with httpd and set to start httpd when containers starts by editing /etc/bashrc with "/usr/sbin/httpd -k start" and committed changes to public repo. 
With  "docker run -tid " i can see httpd process starting when the container starts .But with "oc new-app --docker-image=myrepo/httpd" pod is restarting frequently and fails after many restart

 oc get pods
NAME                  READY     REASON    RESTARTS   AGE
cent7-1-deploy      1/1         Running        0                   6m
cent7-1-f7mg5        0/1        Running        13                6m

failed state:

oc get pods
NAME              READY     REASON         RESTARTS   AGE
cent7-1-deploy    0/1       ExitCode:255   0          13m

oc logs cent7-1-deploy
I0720 19:53:32.866377       1 deployer.go:194] Deploying p1/cent7-1 for the first time (replicas: 1)
I0720 19:53:32.873463       1 recreate.go:112] Scaling p1/cent7-1 to 1 before validating first replica
I0720 19:53:34.932469       1 recreate.go:117] Validating first replica of p1/cent7-1
I0720 19:53:34.940913       1 lifecycle.go:283] Waiting for pod p1/cent7-1-f7mg5 container readiness
F0720 20:03:34.941871       1 deployer.go:63] first replica rejected for cent7-1: timed out waiting for pod p1/cent7-1-f7mg5 containers to become ready

Why is the pod failing to stabilise and how can we see more failure logs.

Thanks for any help.

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