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Re: Pushing Image Fails

I'm guessing you created the registry, deleted it at some point, and then recreated it. You need to restart the master if you do that (we're working on eliminating this issue, but it's going to take some time).


On Wed, Jul 22, 2015 at 2:24 PM, Dean Peterson <peterson dean gmail com> wrote:

I get the following error while trying to build with the sample application-template-stibuild.json

"dockerutil.go:50] push for image failed, will retry in 10s ...
F0722 17:05:56.719020 1 builder.go:70] Build error: Failed to push image: API error (500): v1 ping attempt failed with error: Get read tcp connection reset by peer"

My private registry gives me this information when I run ./oc describe service docker-registry:

Name: docker-registry
Labels: docker-registry=default
Selector: docker-registry=default
Type: ClusterIP
Port: 5000/TCP
Session Affinity: None
No events.

Where is the ip address: coming from in the build logs when trying to push the image. Shouldn't that address be

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