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Re: Cannot find image

has a build run for cakephp?  did it complete successfully?  if not, what do the logs look like?

On Fri, Jul 24, 2015 at 9:29 AM, Sco <spamboxy1 gmail com> wrote:
The built in templates for origin are not working for me when following the install guide (https://github.com/openshift/openshift-ansible/blob/master/README_origin.md).
I am currently running a master and a single node, with the master in the node group. 
I change to the test project I created, oc project test, then issue the command to build a cake-php example, oc deploy cakephp-frontend --latest -n test, and get Starting build. when I then issue a oc get all, the output looks like this:

NAME               LABELS                     SELECTOR                IP(S)           PORT(S)
cakephp-frontend   template=cakephp-example   name=cakephp-frontend    8080/TCP
dancer-frontend    template=dancer-example    name=dancer-frontend   8080/TCP
NAME                        READY     REASON                                                  RESTARTS   AGE
cakephp-example-1-build     0/1       ExitCode:255                                            0          19h
cakephp-frontend-1-8ljmt    0/1       Error: image library/cakephp-example:latest not found   0          45s
cakephp-frontend-1-deploy   1/1       Running                                                 0          47s

When I check  /etc/sysconfig/docker, there is not image source specified. How and what should the image library be set to for OSO?

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