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Re: Cannot find image

Sorry I should have been more specific, my response from above is from the build-log. It states that the image builds successfully but the push of the image fails.

I have done some additional troubleshooting and have found that what is happening is that the docker registry exits with code 255 when a build try to push an image to it. When you look at the logs for the registry is says that it could not scale...
Steps to produce error:
delete old project(test) with oc delete project/test, 
delete old registry from default project (deleted pod, build, deployment config, replication controller, route, service)
create new registry with documented command, oadm registry --create=true --redentials=/etc/openshift/master/openshift-registry.kubeconfig --mount-host=/var/lib/openshift/docker-registry
check to see that it is ok, oc get all :
docker-registry   ConfigChange   1
router            ConfigChange   1
CONTROLLER          CONTAINER(S)   IMAGE(S)                                  SELECTOR                                                                                REPLICAS
docker-registry-1   registry       openshift/origin-docker-registry:v1.0.2   deployment=docker-registry-1,deploymentconfig=docker-registry,docker-registry=default   1
router-1            router         openshift/origin-haproxy-router:v1.0.2    deployment=router-1,deploymentconfig=router,router=router                               1
NAME              LABELS                                    SELECTOR                  IP(S)           PORT(S)
docker-registry   docker-registry=default                   docker-registry=default   5000/TCP
kubernetes        component=apiserver,provider=kubernetes   <none>                443/TCP
router            router=router                             router=router       80/TCP
NAME                       READY     REASON    RESTARTS   AGE
docker-registry-1-deploy   1/1       Running   0          2m
router-1-xgb7x             1/1       Running   2          1d

make new test project and attempt to create new cakephp-example, build runs, at end of build it fails
build-logs say that it was unable to push the image (per previous email)
switch to default project and do, oc get all
see that docker registry has exited code 255

run oc logs docker-registry-1-deploy, and get:
I0724 18:32:19.604716       1 deployer.go:194] Deploying default/docker-registry-1 for the first time (replicas: 1)
I0724 18:32:19.608136       1 recreate.go:112] Scaling default/docker-registry-1 to 1 before validating first replica
F0724 18:34:20.692927       1 deployer.go:63] couldn't scale default/docker-registry-1 to 1: timed out waiting for the condition

On Fri, Jul 24, 2015 at 12:52 PM, Ben Parees <bparees redhat com> wrote:
has a build run for cakephp?  did it complete successfully?  if not, what do the logs look like?

On Fri, Jul 24, 2015 at 9:29 AM, Sco <spamboxy1 gmail com> wrote:
The built in templates for origin are not working for me when following the install guide (https://github.com/openshift/openshift-ansible/blob/master/README_origin.md).
I am currently running a master and a single node, with the master in the node group. 
I change to the test project I created, oc project test, then issue the command to build a cake-php example, oc deploy cakephp-frontend --latest -n test, and get Starting build. when I then issue a oc get all, the output looks like this:

NAME               LABELS                     SELECTOR                IP(S)           PORT(S)
cakephp-frontend   template=cakephp-example   name=cakephp-frontend    8080/TCP
dancer-frontend    template=dancer-example    name=dancer-frontend   8080/TCP
NAME                        READY     REASON                                                  RESTARTS   AGE
cakephp-example-1-build     0/1       ExitCode:255                                            0          19h
cakephp-frontend-1-8ljmt    0/1       Error: image library/cakephp-example:latest not found   0          45s
cakephp-frontend-1-deploy   1/1       Running                                                 0          47s

When I check  /etc/sysconfig/docker, there is not image source specified. How and what should the image library be set to for OSO?

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