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Re: How to automate OpenShift installation onto OpenStack Icehouse


I reckon that you can leverge one of the infrastructure automation tools such as Ansible, Puppet, Chef, etc and their specific plugin to talk with OpenStack. In my case, I have used Chef and knife-openstack plugin to spin off virtual machines, preconfigure them (ssh keys, sudo, etc) and then install OpenShift using oo-install expressed as a part of recipe. With that approach I can easily extend the basic broker / node roles with such capabilities as installing custom, in-house built cartridges or integrating OpenShft authentication mechanism with Keystone by this awesome plugin (https://github.com/RedHatEMEA/c-keystoneclient).


On 18/03/15 16:09, Giuseppe Galeota wrote:
Dear all,
is there a way to automatically install OpenShift Origin onto OpenStack Icehouse?
That is, I am reading many docs which refer to Heat. So, I would know if Heat is the only way I can walk to do that.

Thank you,

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