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Re: Upgrade gear cartridges

If you are on Origin M4, that should work pretty much like the current Enterprise (2.2) documentation. Can't speak to M3, can't remember which release that aligned with; might or might not have the cartridge upgrade stuff.

As far as only upgrading PHP cartridges, I don't think oo-admin-upgrade has anything specific for that; what you would have to do is to only upgrade that cartridge on the nodes, so it would be the only one that got a new version imported at the broker. In case it wasn't clear from the docs, that's the flow... you upgrade the cartridge definition on the node, import that to the broker, and then have the broker go through the existing gears to upgrade each gear's cartridge instance.

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Subject: Re: Upgrade gear cartridges

Thanks, Luke 

yes, this will be very helpful :) 

It works for Origin also ... right? 

One more question. Is there an option that I can say ... upgrade only PHP cartridges? Or ... I have to make short list with Gear UIDs which I want to upgrade and after that to upgrade them one by one? 

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2015-03-30 15:10 GMT+03:00 Luke Meyer < lmeyer redhat com > : 

Yes, see oo-admin-upgrade. Enterprise docs cover usage a bit: 


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Subject: Upgrade gear cartridges 

Hello guys, 

is there any automatic approach to upgrade gear cartrdiges ... for example php-5.5 from 0.20 to 0.22 

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