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Re: OpenShift-v3 Beta3 -- BYO ansible playbook failure (hostname lookup ?)

On 06/05/15 08:48 +0200, Florian Daniel Otel wrote:
Kindest thanks Jason, will try.

One more ignorant question if I may:

Like I wrote in my original post, I've been trying this out of your
personal repo -- i.e. https://github.com/detiber/openshift-ansible  --
particularly, the "v3-beta" branch, as per the instructions for the "Beta
3"  here: https://github.com/openshift/training/blob/master/beta-3-setup.md

The repo above is my personal fork of the upstream openshift-ansible repo. We require much more scrutiny for any changes to land in the upstream codebase (more on why in a bit). So for the beta releases, we've been referencing my fork for convenience and to be able to expedite iterations on each successive beta for testing.

OTOH the PR you point me to is from the "openshift/openshift-ansible" repo

openshift/openshift-ansible is the official upstream repo. This repo is meant to be consumed for Origin, Enterprise and Online production environments (well, once there are production environments at least). For each change we require peer review and maintain certain code quality standards, and eventually will have some automated testing. Since this repo is shared we also try to make sure that any changes that are to be made to master work for all three deployment types (which can also require synchronizing of package repositories depending on the change). Since we are still in the beta stage, we are still occasionally making breaking changes that require updates to both packages and ansible. Starting with the GA release we will be making extra effort to support backward and forward compatibility between the ansible codebase and the released binaries.

TBH I'm a bit confused of why there are two repos and which one to use &
when. If this is explained somewhere, pls point me to that.

It is mainly for convenience for the betas since the Enterprise beta packages do not necessarily have equivalent Online and Origin releases that need to be maintained. We also preserve the branches for previous betas and do not necessarily want to make those branches a permanent part of the upstream repo.

Jason DeTiberus

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