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Re: Restarting all instances of a service cartridge

Thanks Adam.

To clarify a little bit, the cartridge in question is an embedded cartridge. Preferably, we could restart just the embedded cartridge without restarting the whole app. Even with the --cartridge flag, oo-admin-ctl-app seems to restart every cartridge in the app; maybe I'm misusing that flag?

On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 8:35 AM, Adam Richard Yohrling <adam yohrling onyxpoint com> wrote:
Hey Charles, 

I don’t know of any single command that does this, but could use oo-app-info with the —raw flag and filtering for everything, which basically outputs a giant hash of the applications and contains their cartridges. Could then parse that info to return the app ID for apps with the particular cartridge and filter those app-ids into oo-admin-ctl-app to restart.


On 13May2015,, at 08:15, Charles Simpson <csimpson gmail com> wrote:


We're running an in-house installation of OpenShift Origin and have developed a handful of cartridges for internal use as well. As part of an upgrade process, we've updated some libraries associated with a service cartridge, but need to restart the cartridge to force the changes to load. Is there an administrative command (like oo-admin-ctl-<something>) that would allow us to restart every instance of a particular service cartridge to restart?


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