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Re: help with timeout error

Hi Alex,

The error you are seeing usually happens when the mcollective service is not running on the nodes.

Try running `oo-mco ping` from the broker. All of your nodes should be listed in the output of this command. If they are not listed, then they are not replying to mcollective requests. Start or restart mcollective on any nodes that are not replying.

Make sure you have the mcollective service set to start at boot time with `chkconfig ruby193-mcollective on` or `chkconfig mcollective on` (depending on the version of openshift you are running).

- Tim

On 05/14/2015 08:21 PM, Alex Irmel Oviedo Solis wrote:
Hello all, I have a openshift deployment over 2 openstack instances, it working fine but when I power on the instances after 2 weeks I get this error:
"The server node01 that your application is running on failed to respond in time.  This may be due to a system restart"

The full log of my production log is: http://fpaste.org/222130/48948143/

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