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Re: ELB health check for HA brokers

We investigated into this possibility about a year ago. I, unfortunately, don't have an answer for you. We found that the preferred way for ELB to do health checks would be to check a url like https://broker.example.com/broker/rest/api. However, ELB does not follow redirects. When it gets the 302 response from the endpoint, it will mark the server as down.

One probably unsafe "hack" would be to open up port 8080 on the firewall and check broker.example.com:8080/broker/rest/api. This gives a 200 response:

  $ curl -Ik localhost:8080/broker/rest/api
  HTTP/1.1 200 OK

You could also possibly add a health check endpoint to the httpd configuration under /etc/httpd that wouldn't require opening up a port on the firewall.

Good luck!

On 05/22/2015 07:15 AM, Mirrow Co wrote:

We have a highly available openshift setup: 2 brokers and AWS ELB on top of them.
Can you please advice how to configure health check on ELB side to monitor that the brokers are up and running?


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