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which kubernetes component creates a new pod?

I have a problem to understand the kubernetes workflow:
So as I understand the flow:

You have a master which contains etcd, api-server, controller manager and scheduler.
You have nodes which contain pods (wich contain containers), kubelet and a proxy.

The proxy is working as a basic proxy to make it possible for a service to communicate with other nodes.
When a pod dies, the controller manager will see this (it 'reads' the replication controller which describes how many pods there normally are).

The controller manager will inform the API-server (I'm not right about this).
The API-server will tell the scheduler to search a new place for the pod.
After the scheduler has found a good place, the API will inform kubelet to create a new pod.

I'm not sure about the last scenario? Can you tell me the right proces is a clear way?

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