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RE: why tag image-streams

For example you're creating a application using source-to-image. So you're injecting your source code in an existing image from docker hub.
So there will be created a new image which will be pushed into the docker registry. And there will be created an image-stream to that image in the docker registry.

Why can't you just create a new application with that image from the internal docker registry, using an image-stream:
something like:
oc new-application  ` registry.

It's only possible when you tag the image-stream:
oc get is
oc describe is test  (test is the name of the is)

oc tag sha256:0b611e981c94946b41c6823cb50754675bc5da6d928269538c175d0a6878966e newproject/test:promote (using image-stream from s2i-demo project).

oc new-application newproject/test:promote works well. But now I also always have to update the tag of the image-stream to get a new update of the image.

Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2015 09:37:17 -0500
Subject: Re: why tag image-streams
From: agoldste redhat com
To: lorenz vanthillo outlook com
CC: users lists openshift redhat com

Hi Lorenz,

Could you give a few more details of what you're referring to, and what you're trying to do?


On Tue, Nov 3, 2015 at 8:56 AM, Lorenz Vanthillo <lorenz vanthillo outlook com> wrote:
Why do we need to tag image-stream? Why can't we create a project just from an image-stream?

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