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Glusterfs PV


Is anyone using glusterfs on 1.0.7?
We have some issues with these volumes:

[ta-pla-imac:~]$ oc describe pv gemnasium-1g-5.prod-gemnasium-openshift-storage-1
Name:           gemnasium-1g-5.prod-gemnasium-openshift-storage-1
Labels:         <none>
Status:         Bound
Claim:          gemnasium-production/nsqd2
Reclaim Policy: Recycle
Access Modes:   RWO
Capacity:       1Gi
    Type:               Glusterfs (a Glusterfs mount on the host that shares a pod's lifetime)
    EndpointsName:      glusterfs-cluster
    Path:               pv-gemnasium-1G-5
    ReadOnly:           false

The volume is bound, but the pod won't start:

  FirstSeen     LastSeen        Count   From                                            SubobjectPath   Reason          Message
  ─────────     ────────        ─────   ────                                            ─────────────   ──────          ───────
  2h            8s              982     {kubelet gemnasium-node-2.priv.tech-angels.net}                 FailedMount     Unable to mount volumes for pod "nsqd2-1-e7r7d_gemnasium-production": unsupported volume type
  2h            8s              982     {kubelet gemnasium-node-2.priv.tech-angels.net}                 FailedSync      Error syncing pod, skipping: unsupported volume type

And the PV manifest:


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