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OS 1.0.7 eating memory like candies after halloween


We don't know why yet, but our master is eating memory at an impressive speed rate.
8Gb in ~ 1 minute, then all the swap, and then restart.
We're trying to figure out why, but something is really wrong with this issue, something is stacking to death.
We don't have any clue from the logs, except:

node [replace here with node 1 2 and 3] hasn't been updated for 1m30.538112963s. Last ready condition is: {Type:Ready Status:Unknown LastHeartbeatTime:2015-11-03 20:46:40 +0100 CET LastTransitionTime:2015-11-03 20:48:11 +0100 CET Reason:NodeStatusUnknown Message:Kubelet stopped posting node status.}

for the 3 nodes. We'll keep this thread updated, and post an issue on github if we have relevant information.


Philippe Lafoucrière - CEO
main : +33 (0) 970 444 643
mobile CA: +1 (581) 986-7540
mobile FR: +33 (0) 6 72 63 75 40

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