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Re: How to create s2i application in OpenShift without language detection?

Hi Lorenz,

Yes it is possible. You have to add the desired s2i builder image stream name concatenated with a tilde (~) concatenated with the git repo url.

To get the is names, use "oc get is -n openshift". Not all those are s2i builder images but it will be pretty obvious which are and which aren't by their names.

Check the OSE documentation about rules for language detection and how OSE expects your source layout to be so the s2i builder images work with your sources.

It is possible to add new s2i builder images and corresponding image streams to add support for more languages, but this is an advanced topic. Please note that "s2i builder images" are not generic container images, but images created specifically to work with the OSE s2i process.

[]s, Fernando Lozano

So when I want to create an application using the principle of s2i, I do the following:
'oc new-app https://github.com/reponame/test.git'

--> this is for example a PHP-application with index.php.
OpenShift will detect the name and will link it to the PHP image of docker hub. It will pull the image and inject my code, and everything is fine.
OpenShift will use the language detection. So when I call my file hello.php and not index.php, than OpenShift will not notice it's an PHP-app.

So is there a possibilty to describe the image/language you're using for your application, when the automatic language detection isn't possible.

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