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Delay on "Preparing build for deployment" phase with tarball deploy


I'm playing with hosted OpenShift v2 to use with my open source
application. I use tarball deployment (without Git) [1] to deploy binary
JAR tested and built on my CI server (to decrease time when the service
is not available).
Unfortunately between:
> Preparing build for deployment
> Deployment id is xxx
there is ~2 minutes delay when I have no idea what OpenShift is doing
as a tarball with my application is only about 20MB.

Is it "normal" to have that delay during mentioned phase? Is it possible
to reduce that time?

My application is https://props2yaml4cd-codearte2foss.rhcloud.com/ .
Sample deployment is d411e39d (the behavior is reproducible).

[1] - https://blog.openshift.com/using-openshift-without-git/


http://blog.solidsoft.info/ - Working code is not enough

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