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Re: InfluxDB


Login to the UI of the InfluxDB and then write a query:

list series

this will return all the series for the certain database. After that choose the specific series and write the following query:

select * from series limit 1

This will return the schema of the series.

If you want to delete some old data you can write the following query:

delete from series where time < now() - 7d

Hope this will help.

Мариан Игнев

www: http://m.ignev.net/
twitter: @mignev

2015-11-11 11:53 GMT+02:00 <MA2412 gmx de>:
I am running openshift 1.0.6 and deployed Cluster Metrics with InfluxDB v8.8. The database size is 6.8GB, so i tried to delete some data, since documentation for v8.8 is very rare, i have no idea how database schema looks like an so i fail to write the corresponding "DELETE" statemets. Can someone give me a hint how to query/get the database schema? Does v8.8 support retention policies like v9 to automatically limit the database size?

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