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RE: wildcard dns

I have killed the service on that port, now, the dnsmasq is running. I also changed the configuration:
address=/.apps.example.com/ (ip of node with my router)

But it's not clear to me what I have to do to let this work. You said something about I don't need an apache outside my pod.
But I don't have apache running in my pods.
The previous way I resolved this issue: was just describing my ip and the hostname in my local /etc/hosts of my computer: jenkins.apps.example.com myapp.apps.example.com ...

From: lorenz vanthillo outlook com
To: pablo halamaj semperti com
CC: users lists openshift redhat com
Subject: RE: wildcard dns
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2015 09:50:27 +0100

Thanks, I've installd dnsmasq and changed the configuration.
But the problem is that the dnsmasq service does not start because:
dnsmasq: failed to create listening socket for port 53: Address already in use
I took a look which service was running on that port:
tcp        0      0    *               LISTEN      1009/openshift
So I was a bit surprised, it's something of openshift (which is normally just running on 8443). But I see that .../openshift is running on a lot of ports and I don't understand why.
It's not really possible to change the port of a DNS server. Should I kill the proces on :53 for OpenShift? And what doest it mean that I see OpenShift running on so many ports:
tcp        0      0        ESTABLISHED 1009/openshift     
tcp        0      0           ESTABLISHED 1254/openshift     
tcp        0      0        ESTABLISHED 1009/openshift     
tcp        0      0        ESTABLISHED 1009/openshift 
tcp6       0      0 :::45355                :::*                    LISTEN      1254/openshift     
tcp6       0      0 :::53105                :::*                    LISTEN      1254/openshift     
tcp6       0      0 :::33053                :::*                    LISTEN      1254/openshift

Subject: Re: wildcard dns
To: lorenz vanthillo outlook com; users lists openshift redhat com
From: pablo halamaj semperti com
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2015 09:48:44 -0300

Hello Lorenz,

El 10/11/15 a las 06:33, Lorenz Vanthillo escribió:
You need a webserver when you want to configure a wild card dns.
I think you are wrong on this one. A webServer is an HTTP server , so it only response HTTP request.
To response DNS requests you need a DNS server like BIND o DNSMASQ.
For LABs or little setups i prefers DNSMASQ because is easy to install and configure.

More info about DNSMASQ -> https://wiki.debian.org/HowTo/dnsmasq

For heavy load BIND is better , but also more complicated.

But the webserver is on another host that my master-node environment (hostnames are like: master1.example.com).
So I have just a server with apache2 (this is running).
I did the following:
edit httpd.conf file
ServerAlias *cloudapps.example.com   
#IP of my master
*.cloudapps.example.com. 300 IN  A

The flow for your clients to access your pods in openshift is:

CLIENT makes a DNS request to the DNS Server to know which is the IP of mysuperapp.cloudapps.example.com
DNS response the exposed IP of your router (this should be the public ip of one of your Nodes)
CLIENT makes a HTTP request to that IP , asking for mysuperapp.cloudapps.example.com's content
OSE's router proxies HTTP Traffic to YOUR POD.
YOUR POD responses the HTTP traffic to the OSE's router
OSE's router response to your CLIENT.
and so goes on.

So you don't need a APACHE outside your pod, only a DNS server and the router of openshift.
To configure the DNS Wildcard in DNSMASQ , in order for your clients to access your router, you need to add this line to dnsmasq's config file


Where is the ip exposed of your router.

Then restart dnsmasq's service and configure your client to use DNSMASQ ip as DNS server.

you can check the configuration doing a ping to the exposed url from your client and seeing the IP.

Will this be enough to let the router work with it? Or do I need to configure host acces or other stuff. (I don't have much experience with web and dns servers)

users mailing list
users lists openshift redhat com

Hope it helps.

Pablo Halamaj
Arquitecto de Soluciones
San Martin 574 5º C1004AAL CABA
tel     : +54 11 5236 9939
móvil : +54 911 3689 9786

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