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Re: SAML or CAS support?

There is not direct support for SAML. OpenShift supports authentication using an authenticating proxy, which could enable indirect SAML support (via Apache+mod_auth_mellon, for example).

Note that would only work for browser clients. The CLI would not be able to log in using SAML. Users would have to obtain a token via the web interface and take it back to the CLI to use.

On Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 2:24 PM, Manolo Gomez <mgomezlangley gmail com> wrote:
Hello all,

After reading Openshift Origin technical documentation at https://docs.openshift.org/latest/admin_guide/configuring_authentication.html, it seems that there is no support for any kind of Identity Providers based on SAML or CAS protocols.

I would like to ask if these mechanisms are actually unavailable, and if they are, if somehow its implementation is included in the roadmap. If not, I would appreciate any initial orientation in order to start this task (for example, which source code files to look in GitHub and any external library which could be used).


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