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Re: OSv3 Billing


Take a look at Manageiq Release Capablanca ( at this day in RC-1 state )
It will support openshift , will collect metrics and has a module of chargeback.

If you need a supported edition , you can look at Red Hat's Cloudforms version 4 ( at this day in beta state )
ManageIQ is the community edition of Cloudforms.
Like openshift origin and openshift enterprise.

A little brief -> http://cloudformsnow.com/2015/11/08/red-hat-cloudforms-4-0-public-beta-2/


El 13/11/15 a las 11:28, Mateus Caruccio escribió:
Hi there.

I'm need to build some billing mechanism around OSv3.
There are someone doing this already? What is the recomended way?


Mateus Caruccio
Master of Puppets

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gtalk: mateus caruccio getupcloud com
twitter: @MateusCaruccio

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