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SV: JVM Console Health tab and regression in jolokia URL



Thanks for the information Stan. Since you top posted I will continue to do so in order to prevent confusion.


We are currently not using fabcri8 (although we want to). Our base image is a simple alpine/java8 image with the jolokia agent bundled to keep dependencies at a minimum.


The relevant Dockerfiles and options for fabric8-s2i are here for reference https://github.com/fabric8io-images/s2i/tree/master/java


I will look into configuring jolokia the right way.


Will bring up the health tab issue separately.






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Emne: RE: JVM Console Health tab and regression in jolokia URL


Hi Bjarte,

Apologies for top posting, just subscribed after your message.

With newer Openshift versions the console connects to the Jolokia via https, this requires updating to a newer base image that sets up Jolokia to accept https connections only.  I believe you need to be running against at least this version of the Java base image:


Looks like we've yet to get some docs together on this update, will have to bug some folks to get that in place.

As far as the health tab goes I've not yet brought that into the hawtio 2.x codebase, since it's JMX specific the best place for it would be in this project if you'd like to raise an issue:




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