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About overcommiting nodes


this is from the docs:
"A node is overcommmitted when it has a pod scheduled that makes no request, or when the sum of limits across all pods on that node exceeds available machine capacity"

What I find interesting is the second part of the sentence with the available machine capacity.
I didn't know it was possible to overcommit nodes like that. What I experienced was that when machine capacity (in our example 8 CPUs) was exhausted, it wasn't possible to schedule more stuff onto that node. It wouldn't make much sense any other way because you can't guarantee a pod that it will have access to 500m CPU when that CPU is overcommitted - it wouldn't be a "guarantee" any more.

I think that this is an error in the docs and the only way to overcommit a node is by scheduling pods that make no requests. Is that correct?


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