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Re: NodeJS startup

Hi Gary,

Either you have that baked into your Docker image (entrypoint and/or cmd), or you can overwrite that in your deployment config:

$ oc edit dc <NAME_OF_DC>

And change the .spec.template.spec.containers, below `image` add `command` with the command you'd like to run.

The YAML will look like this: http://kubernetes.io/v1.1/docs/user-guide/configuring-containers.html#launching-a-container-using-a-configuration-file.

What I would recommend though is to use Source-To-Image to build your NodeJS container, as that will take care of creating Docker images for you that should just work without changes.

On Fri, Nov 20, 2015 at 5:15 PM, Gary Franczyk <Gary Franczyk availity com> wrote:
I have our first nodejs deployment that starts a pod, but the app does not start within it.  How do I define what to start up when the pod starts?


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