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Re: Ansible Installation


The 'atomic-openshift-utils' package provides a set of tools that are built on top of openshift-ansible you're already familiar with. This package depends on a set of openshift-ansible packages that have been vetted by our QE teams and install into /usr/share/ansible/openshift-ansible. You can continue pulling from github if you'd like, just know that it has not been through regression testing.


On Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 9:51 AM, John Skarbek <jskarbek rallydev com> wrote:
Good Morning,

So before OSE3.1 was released, we followed some guide that had us use the github repo openshift-ansible.  It worked great and mended very well with what we already had to automate for the rest of our infrastructure.  
The OSE3.1 docs point out to do something slightly different; relying instead on the `atomic-openshift-utils` which installs some form of ansible and playbooks.  
Anyone have any good ideas as to whether I can maintain using the openshift-ansible github repo as a method of install?


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