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Re: Failing to deploy cakephp example

Hi Salim,

Seems that you're missing the ImageStream for php. If you try to start a build manually, you should see this:

$ oc start-build cakephp-example --follow
Error from server: imageStream "php" not found

The way to fix it is to create the image stream:


If you didn't install OpenShift with ansible, you can get the image stream definitions from GitHub: https://github.com/openshift/origin/tree/master/examples/image-streams


On Fri, Oct 2, 2015 at 11:11 AM, Salim Badakhchani <sal redhat com> wrote:

I trying to deploy the cakephp example but its failing with the following errors:


kubelet node2.example.com}    Killing with docker id 742ff36cc062
1h          59m        61        cakephp-example-1-mvzxo    Pod                     spec.containers{cakephp-example}    failed                                                 {kubelet node2.example.com}    Failed to pull image "cakephp-example": Error: image library/cakephp-example:latest not found
55m         55m        1         cakephp-example-2-deploy   Pod                                                         scheduled                                              {scheduler }                   Successfully assigned cakephp-example-2-deploy to node2.example.com
55m         55m        1         cakephp-example-2-deploy   Pod                     implicitly required container POD   pulled                                                 {kubelet node2.example.com}    Container image "openshift3/ose-pod:v3.0.2.0" already present on machine
55m         55m        1         cakephp-example-2          ReplicationController                                       failedUpdate                                           {deployer }                    Error updating deployment default/cakephp-example-2 status to Pending


As the log says its failing to pull the image.  Does this example work?  What am I missing here?  Thanks in advance.


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